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 NPC- Rory Barker/Harlekeen

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PostSubject: NPC- Rory Barker/Harlekeen   Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:48 am

So to help ignite the flames of RP(!), I'm having my own PC until we have a bigger playerbase. He will be used to initiate contact on the RP forums and such.

Rory Barker




Mostly dark clothing, though always characterised with a theatrical domino mask. Harlekeen favours his red+gold (pictured)

Masked Vigilante (chaotic neutral)

Charismatic and eccentric, Rory is an impulsive character and takes what he wants when he wants it. He has regular mood swings and goes from soaring positive highs to soul-crushing lows and fits of anger in seconds.

Abilities/Fighting style
Having spent most of his life in the circus, Harlekeen is fit and incredibly flexible. He has no trouble with long jumps, running across buildings, and throwing projectiles. His slight build however would put him at a disadvantage in a straight fist fight, and when in combat he does his best to disorient his opponent with hit and run tactics.

Rory Barker grew up in England. He had always wanted to perform and went to stage school, from there joining touring theatre groups and then circuses, that took him all around Europe. He found a strong bond with his circus performers, and also that he didn't care if the audience enjoyed the show, as long as it gave him a rush. This ended up losing him his job finally when he finally took a show too far in Spain. Drifting around the mediterannean, he was in Italy when he awoke one night screaming. Turning on the TV, he saw the news in New York, and realised his nightmares corresponded to the bizarre horror the TV was showing in America. Packing his bags, he spent the rest of his money getting a one-way ticket to the States, whereupon he began to make his money back by alternately performing in the street and stealing. Finding he preferred life behind the mask to the one without it, he styled himself the name Harlekeen and became obsessed with the "alien attack", trying to find others who had the same night terrors he had that fateful night. Becoming aware that New York had a history with masked "superheroes", Harlekeen's addictive nature had found himself another vice, one that he acts out with abandon and seemingly arbitrarily on the streets of Manhattan.
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NPC- Rory Barker/Harlekeen
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