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The roleplaying on Owlship is set immediately after the events of the novel. Officially, the disaster was a horrific alien attack that failed, still causing a huge catastrophe and the loss of thousands of lives. It is a scar that is very present. Russian culture is prevalent in American society after the aversion of World War III, and the media hasn't yet got round to publishing Rorshach's journal. Although stabilising, American culture is in an upheaval.

The shockwave from the alien monster's death was felt by everyone with any psychic feeling and artistic tendencies across the globe, from Europe to Asia.
Now some of these people are coming to New York to find answers.

Whilst Veidt rakes it in on contracts repairing Manhattan, his competitors plot his demise.
After the disappearance of Night Owl, Sally Jupiter and Rorschach, there are those who still cry out for their return, and others who consider it good riddance.

The structure of the roleplay in this forum is mostly freeform as it stands, if two PCs (player character) get into a fight with each other, I will moderate the battle. Also, if a PC is in a dangerous area or is somewhere where he/she is likely to be targeted (Costumed Villains and Masked Vigilantes by the police, State Sponsored by gangs and criminals) I will moderate that also.

Your "superhero" will fall into one of three catagories.

State Sponsored-
In order to boost morale and combat depression-related crimewaves following the blast, America and Russia have gingerly released a handful of contracts to those willing to don a mask and officially fight crime, on behalf of the US and it's governing bodies. Whilst having the advantages of funding and police equipment, state sponsored crime fighters are sneered at by the general public after the Dr Manhattan debacle, and are more likely to be attacked by gangs. You may have to do some dirty things, but you're sure it's all for the good of your country. Pretty sure, at least.

Costumed Villain-
Moloch? Underboss? These are old, failed weaklings. Now is the time to don your persona and take advantage of the chaos...people are weak and there are ripe are out to establish your own mob and seize the city from the underground up!

Masked Vigilante-
First were the Minutemen, then the ill-fated Crimebusters, now...? If you have your suspicions about the "alien attack", if you believe in justice but not the one handed down by the government, if you want to look out for your neighbours because there aren't enough police in your area, or if you simply think that Veidt is just too damn rich...then put on a mask and take to the streets.
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