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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyThu Feb 04, 2010 4:38 pm

Post your RP characters in this forum, with the following template.

Please bear in mind, when signing up to Owlship, your member name must be that of your RP character, and your avatar should be a picture of your character.

Make a new topic, title it the name of your character.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY PLEASE. Rorshach is dead, Night Owl and Laurie retired with a different identity to live happily ever know the score.

Everyone has one.

To hide your real one...a moniker to either strike fear into the hearts of criminals and despots, or an infamous title under which you mastermind your criminal rule...



Your "costume". This, as evidenced by the novel and film, can be nearly anything, as long as it is distinctive. Remember your avatar is your character, so the more that looks like what you write here, the better. Feel free to upload a small image.

State Sponsored "hero", Costumed Villain mastermind, or Masked Vigilante seeking the answers for yourself? More details on these three alignment types can be found in the Intro/Setting thread. Also, next to this, you should put your character's alignment as well. For those of you who have never played an RPG before, they break down into six, or nine. A picture says a thousand words, so here's a handy table I found on the internet.

SO you can have a Masked Vigilante who is neutral evil, a Costumed Villain who is chaotic good, or all manner of mixes in between. There are no restrictions on what alignments your character has, as long as you believe it and RP it well. In fact I would encourage interesting mixes...moral ambiguity is the only law here.

You only have to mention your alignments in your Character Creation post in this sub-forum.

A small paragraph detailing your character's traits and vices, good and bad.

Abilities/Fighting style
Does your character have a particular trait or way of fighting? Do they make weapons out of candlesticks? Have they had some kind of training (martial arts, military,security etc)? Have they made their home into a gym? Are they into voodoo?

No "parents were killed now going for revenge!!!" please. You've read the novel and/or seen the film, you know the characters are human and deep.
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Character Creation
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