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PostSubject: Hornet's nest   Hornet's nest EmptySat Feb 13, 2010 7:17 am

Hornet's nest Inaugu10

Just off a small, public park, a small riot is in progress.

Police have apparantly deemed this threat large enough to warrant Special teams presence, and they are present in force. A group of young men, dressed in casual clothes, are shouting and grappling with police, some are already on the floor, unconscious, bleeding. A couple of police are at their two riot vans, attending minor injuries.

Onlookers have started to gather, and sirens wail in the distance. What exactly these men have done wrong is unclear.

[NPC-Sgt Dwayne. See pic.]

"Tell those friggin grunts to kill their wailers, we've already got enough attention as it it."
The burly sergeant growled beneath his balaclava face mask. He knew this wouldn't be clean, but he didn't want it to be loud. Dwayne hated people looking over his shoulder while he worked.

Scurrying to obey his order, one of his officers scrambled into the back of a van to radio the approaching city police.

Turning back to the throng, Dwayne checked his gear.

Didn't wanna have to use the gas with this many civilians around, but these goons are giving us no choice...arrested three already but the others are putting up helluva fight. Probably loaded up on Katies.

"Right, we're going in for the second push. Let's bash heads and get this over with. I don't want any interference from costumed geeks...or that crazy fag Neechee for that matter, whether he works for us or not."

Dwayne unstrapped his baton and signalled a fresh squad of five troopers.

You'da thought people would be more worried about damn aliens attacking...apparantly some folks are bred this way. If I had my way...

Dwayne left his musings as he and his squad jogged over to the sprawling fight.

[OOC-I may also NPC a rioter, depending on how this pans out.]
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PostSubject: Re: Hornet's nest   Hornet's nest EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 9:53 am

AJ walked up to the crowd forming around the cordon where several police officers were standing making sure more people didn't get involved in the riots. There was lot's of shouting but AJ couldn't make out what it was all about, curious, he barged his way through the group to get a closer look.
As he got to the front of the group he felt something hard dig him in the stomach, not painfully, but an obvious warning, AJ turned toward the officer that had his baton firmly in his gut.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" said the officer aggressively

"Hey, i'm not looking for trouble, i just wanted to see what was going on."

"It's none of your business, all you need to know is they're fucking law-breakers, and so will you be if you take another step, so back off, ok?"

"OK, OK, i don't need to be told twice." said AJ, backing away from the officer. as he moved back through the group of onlookers he though he heard the officer say something under his breath, he though he heard him say "Fucking Paki" and at that he felt blood rush to his face.
Calm down AJ thought to himself it was probably your imagination, and he began breathing deeply to calm himself.

His curiosty unsatisfied however, AJ headed back to his downtown apartment, where he collected his costume and several devices, and weapons and headed back to the rioting.

When he got back the rioting was mostly unchanged, the police had reached a stalemate and the riot was neither increasing or decreasing in size.

Hiding amongst some trees in the nearby park, AJ setup a listening device to better hear what was going on in the Riot.

"...get this over with." he heard a authoritative voice say "I don't want any interference from costumed geeks...or that crazy fag Neechee for that matter, whether he works for us or not."

This sounded like the right person to listen in on for a while. and AJ continued to hide until he found out exactly what was going on.
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